I picked up Dream it Live it because of the title. It’s a very short breezy read which doesn’t stretch your imagination too much. It is a woman’s search for her identity and purpose.

The book starts off on a rant mode which was an unexpected surprise. To be frank it did put me off initially for I have rarely seen a protagonist adapt a negative tone to describe the conflict points. It was supposed to be an inspiring journey of a daughter in law but the tone was a contradiction.

But after a while I began to enjoy the contradiction. The protagonist spares no one, not even her husband and the narrative begins to make sense as you begin to identify yourself with the brutal honesty which prevails till the very end.

Once you begin to comprehend the smaller transformations that happen within the protagonist’s personal space the rants in the beginning begin to make sense. The first trip to Middle East, the struggle with a permanent disease and the way monotony at work paves the way for blogging were nostalgic trips down the memory lane. But the biggest clincher was the name of Harshika’s Blog Initium Novum which means New Beginnings which was the name of my first blog.  I found myself smiling.

The eventual triumph is gratifying but I still believe toning the rant at the beginning and a bit more of her fabulous life after the transformation would have made it perfect. But despite the flaws if you are daughter in law who has been at the receiving end  and if working Mom who shuffles her life between family, work and dreams this book is for you.

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Dream It Live It