Bangalore Days is one movie which makes me go Wow again again and Again. It wasn’t the stellar cast or the camaraderie which fascinated me. Very rarely does celluloid mirror real life when it comes to representing people who are specially abled. Even if it does there are compromises made for the big screen. But whenever I see Sarah and Arjun my face lights up. Oh yes I have been there done that. The joy that erupts from within is Surreal and unmatched.


You hear a voice which represents the joie de vevre of Bangalore. The fascination grows within as you paint a thousand different images to match the enthusiasm of that voice. It’s a dare. Why not meet her in person and take a chance. Maybe her voice could help you find yours too. 


The image stuns you. It isn’t what you imagined. You realize how unique it is when you match the image and the voice. It’s almost mystical and before you question “Why Her”she grows within you transforming you into a completely different person. The anger that was burning within takes a different diversion. You re-discover your zest for life as your heart sings Ethu Kari Raavilum


Her strength is infectious. It gives a different interpretion to the eternal muddle that surrounds your life. It gives you the clue that was missing all along. You decide to travel with her forgetting the world around you for you know she’s the ONE

Sarah is probably the most unique and definite representation of all those who are special. Jyothika from Mozhi comes a close second. Most of the other portrayals are cringe worthy. I wonder if it’s possible to bring in such an ensemble in a Tamil Script. For now that remains a mere wish.