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Before starting the review I would like to apologize to Atlee. I thought Theri was a plausible film but after watching Bairavaa even building a temple for Atlee wouldn’t be a bad idea. Bairavaa isn’t a film it’s the mandatory “in your ears” torture that Vijay dishes out every Pongal. Remember Jilla anyone? Thankfully there is no Ajith film to compete or else I would have to sit through 2 films following the same template.

I thought Vijay’s hideous wig would be an exception and the film would more than make up for it. But instead the wig turns out to be a warning sign which screams “ It’s coming for you please run for your lives”. I am not against Hero Worship films but a whole lot of hero worship films tend to undermine the intellectual ability of the audience. It’s easy money minted by re-hashing a beaten to death template.

I want to highlight the good points in the film for there are quite a few but I refrain for that would mean celebrating mediocrity again. Perhaps we are at fault too including yours truly. We showed them that the fate of the film could be decided in three days. We showed them we would turn up for a star film on the first day irrespective of how good or bad the film is.

But you know what pissed me the most.  Vijay the star almost always delivers when pitted against a worthy opponent but here the villains are merely present in physical form. They just don’t turn up. How long can sit through a film where the hero repeatedly tries to be the only saving grace of a sinking film.

Oh wait I haven’t discussed the story as yet. I would love too if there is one. There’s a message which is conveyed but I see it more as a flimsy excuse to make up a story. The lack of intent in delivering the message in the right format is very much visible.

Bharathan if your only intent was to prove Vijay’s earlier films were better. You succeeded admirably well. Tomorrow is Bogi I wish Tamil Cinema burns all the beaten to death Hero Template movies and makes a fresh start.

My Verdict – Skip it even if you are a Vijay fan. Your star is capable of much better films.

Rating 1/5   








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  1. Sad that you had a bad time watching the movie. I hope the time changes for the Tamil movie industry. Meanwhile, they are coming up with innovative movies in the malayalam front. I am proud to say so about my state, but I have always been a huge fan of tamil movie stars and their music and choreography, which I feel are superlative.

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