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I have reviewed books before but this one’s special. You don’t usually come back after an illness to review a book written by the Superstar’s Daughter. I love anything which gives me a glimpse of the Superstar’s life and that was the sole reason I picked up Standing on an Apple Box.

The book keeps you hooked with it’s simple narration and brevity. Aishwarya picks up the smaller fragments of her celebrity life to show us the pros and cons of being a star daughter. We all make that one common mistake. We place a star on a pedestal and want to have a sneak peek of everything that goes around him. We rarely realize there’s a family around him who go through their own ups and downs. Their insecurities mirror our own in more ways than one.

Her affinity towards coffee and radio and the love she had for her dog despite her inherent apprehensions were so touching and relatable. A funny take on perseverance too left me in splits. Her persistence towards pursuing law which was her passion in whatever way could is something we could all emulate.

I have a favourite passage too “ We are involuntarily teaching our kids that there is something better around every corner and in that process they forget to appreciate the present, Instead we should be telling them to make a choice and stick to it. Understand the value of what you possess. Life will always throw more at you. Know what to pick and what to will make you happy in the long run. Be it food, family, love, career or even cranky cooks”.

On the downside I would have loved to know a bit more about the bonding between the sisters and it did drag a bit towards the end with random inclusions. A few edit flaws too show up but these are minor blemishes in a simple yet heart-warming narration.

Go for it if you love the Superstar. Who doesn’t? This might reveal a different side of the star and his family if you are a fan. Go for it if you love simple narratives filled with real life anecdotes.

PS: Grandparents are desserts indeed!








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  1. Wow. I never she wrote a book. I am definitely adding this to my TBR list!

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