Kavalai Vendam – Another attempt to mint money at the box office by making a mindless comedy entertainer. The sad part it remains merely an attempt. Why do the makers find it so difficult to go all out? Are we not mature enough to embrace a proper adult comedy?

The problem with KV is that the movie tries to be too many things all at once. I loved Yamiruka Bayamen. But Kavalai Vendam despite the technical finese didn’t hold my attention long enough to give it a thumbs up. The first half is watchable with the entire cast having some fun and some genuine laugh out loud moments.

But once the second half begins the movie drags on and on testing your patience. The joie de vevre towards the end seems more like an excuse than an actual conclusion. I guess Jiva is the Sandra Bullock of Kollywood Jiva is an actor with so much potential and promise who gets these mundane rotten scripts. In Kavalai Vendam too he is plausible and shines wherever possible

 RJ Balaji, Balasaravanan and Mailsamy have their moments but those are very few. Mailsamy in particular is one of the few redeeming factors of the film. Bobby Simha seems so eager to prove that Jigarthanda was more of an exception than a norm.

As for the heroines I rephrase Bala Saravanan’s lines in the film ” Ellame nut kalanda madiri”. Need I say more. Better luck next time Deekay. Another weekend where Tamil Cinema sinks further. My verdict. Definitely not my first choice movie for the weekend. But I leave the choice to you