The last time I fell in love with a hero was when Vijay Sethupathi appeared on screen. The list has expanded today. Rajnikanth, Vijay Sethupathi and now Benedict Cumberbatch.

Dr Strange is nothing but a marriage of the Matrix and the Batman Begins. Ideally this marriage should not work for we have seen it before in endless movies which challenge time and space. But it works because you have a sincere charismatic hero and some stunning imagery.

The two components which more than make up for a wafer thin script. I can understand why the critics find it underwhelming because this movie challenges the conventions of a Marvel Movie and gives us a feeling of sameness.

The one thing which put me off was Rachael McAdams such a talented actress wasted in a minuscule role. Is she a mandatory fit in or a lucky charm for Movies dealing with the concept of time?

But Doctor Strange has re-written the casting rules of the Marvel Universe. For the first time Marvel can actually experiment an ensemble movie without the presence of Iron Man. A possible Iron Man vs Dr Strange face off perhaps. The prospect looks enticing.Mr Tony Stark you have finally met your match

Despite the flaws this is one movie where you can say let the critics be damned and watch the movie to drool over Benedict Cumberbatch. The man deserves it. Welcome aboard Dr Strange the Marvel Universe needs you. Strictly on the big screens only if possible in IMAX.