Oleander Girl – I picked this one up because of the title. I haven’t read One Amazing Thing yet. This is my first attempt at reviewing Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s work. After a long time a book left me with mixed emotions.

There’s a legacy that each us carry.  At times it is our only connecting point to a forgotten past. What if fate gives you a chance to re-discover your past? Would you take that gamble to discover your roots or will you embrace your present?  Oleander girl gives you the answers in it’s own unique way.

On the surface the book does seem like a girl’s search for her own identity. But Chitra deftly weaves in various subplots within this journey of self – discovery. Each of the sub-plots have their own implied meaning which is both a plus and a minus for when you have too many deviations from the main plot it almost tires and frustrates as you reader.

The book takes it’s own sweet time to grow on you. I loved the characters and what they stood for.  Each one of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. Even the Oleander girl isn’t perfect. They react to the situations around them in the best possible way. It is this aspect which made me overlook the flaws.

The finishing touch too is impressive as Chitra ties up loose ends with feasible solutions. The pace did bother me at times but the finish was soothing and gratifying. 

Pick this one up if you love a mix of self discovery and romance. This might be the work for you.