Kodi – What a relief it was. I almost gave up on the Diwali releases but Kodi surprised me. It is a very clever film. Durai Senthilkumar doesn’t tinker too much with the conventions of commercial cinema. But he deviates it just enough to make us applaud in unison.

 The core plot sets off from the first frame as the groundwork for Kodi’s political aspirations are laid through a father who yearns for the stage. From there it sets off as Dhanush takes over with the now familiar Rajini mannerisms.  Santosh Narayanan aids him with his signature tones.

But it isn’t kodi whom we are rooting for. He’s pitted against an antagonist who consistently surprises him and us. Very few Tamil films make us root for the antagonist. But kodi makes us switch sides with each passing minute.

There are no big plot twists but the smaller surprises keeps us on our toes. Kodi starts off with a game of betrayal and ends on the same note. Dhanush , Saranya and Anupama Parameshwaran are an extension of the cliché we have seen time and  again. The deviations happen with Trisha who makes us go wow with the best role of her career. Her thin frame fits very well as she transforms into a wily fox every now and then. It is a very bold move for we almost take her for granted before she makes the film her own.

I wonder what made her wait for 17 years to take that gamble. The gamble pays off as we shamelessly take her side though she could be morally wrong. Durai Senthilkumar – A job well done. Kodi comes agonizingly close to being a great film and falls short. Dhanush please avoid the Rajini mannerisms and arrest us with your inherent abilities. We are more than willing to surrender to your skills.

My Rating 3/5.

The best among the Diwali releases in all languages.