Dear Friend,

I wish you knew how special your letter was. Those lovely words left me in a daze. Perhaps we all need to embrace pain to express ourselves to the fullest. You showed us a glimpse of your own little world filled with happiness and love.

Pain and love have always been at the opposite end of the spectrum in my life. But your letter helped put things in perspective.  Pain can pave the way for love.  Life can surprise you with an unlikely union between two extreme emotions.

The trick is to know when to let go and when to embrace the emotions that govern us.  We are all in an internal muddle because we do not see things the way they deserve to be seen.  Things have changed since that eventful day. I have a new sequence of emotions governing my life and it’s pain, love and hope in the right order.

I wish I had right words to explain this weird order. But for now I seek solace in how it all ends.  Ending with hope isn’t a bad thing after all. For when you plant the seed of hope. It is not an end. It’s a new beginning.

Thank you for the letter.  In this day and age when an e-mail seems to be the norm.  A hand written letter made me go back to the good old days .

With loads of love.