Devi – The best for me among the three holiday releases.

What works – The duration of the film. There are very little deviations from the core plot. It is a welcome break from films which drag on and on needlessly.

The lead cast – Prabhu deva returns in style as an actor. Over the years he has never been credited for his acting skills. But in Devi he shines like never before. The way his whole body reacts to the humour and fear that surrounds his life deserves a huge round of applause.

I was perplexed with the decision to cast Tammanah as the devil. She’s known to overreact and exaggerate so playing a meek woman and her alter ego wasn’t going to be easy. But she delivers with her best performance till date. Of course the exaggeration does surface time and again but those are minor flaws.

This seems to be a season of the comic sidekicks. First Yogi Babu and now RJ Balaji who seems to be growing with each passing film. He’s well past his days of non stop nonsense. Welcome to Tamil Cinema Balaji.

The negatives: Sonu Sood who seems to be terribly miscast as a the star. His face is so wooden and expressionless that you can actually use him as a statue instead of a living being. The songs are an unnecessary addition and add no value.

Welcome back AL Vijay – Keep it going. Some more original scripts please. We are tired of imitations.

A genuine clean family entertainer. The dark horse prevails.

My rating 3/5