I never intended to post this one but the Memes haven’t stopped. What is so wrong with Vijay Sethupathi doing 8 films a year? The trouble is most top heroes do only 1 film a year making it an industry norm but have they been successful in delivering a quality product with that 1 film is a huge question mark. If that one particular film doesn’t work it’s a huge burden on the hero and his choice of films. Multiple films give a hero the required breathing space. 

There was a time before the late 2000’s when our top heroes did multiple films a year. It’s a prevalent norm in the Malayalam film industry where even Superstars do 4-5 films a year even today. Then why do we mock a hero who consistently delivers in his multiple avatars. Didn’t we love Vijay Sethupathi as the no nonsense cop in Sethupathi ?  Even in Iraivi he was impeccable as the prey in a flawed premise. Ka ka po saw him lift an otherwise ordinary film with his usual charm. Dharmadurai was all about second chances while the recently released Aandavan Kattalai impressed all of us with it’s inherent simplicity. 

Isn’t it time to celebrate an actor who has been versatile with his choices. There’s another facet which we conveniently ignore. Almost all his recent choices have an incredible supporting cast with some outstanding performances even by actors who fill in with small roles. It’s a welcome shift. At a time when we are conveniently falling prey to hero worship by celebrating mediocre films where the hero is the alpha and the Omega. Vijay Sethupathi has managed to break all the prevalent industry norms without being noticed.

Both Rajini and Kamal have constantly advocated the 4-5 films a year philosophy with KAMAL leading by example by completing films in 30 days. If a stalwart can do so why can’t the younger breed follow suit ?

Before you mock Vijay Sethupathi for his line up of releases. Let me remind you one thing Our Superstar Rajnikanth did 25 films in one year when he was at his peak. I see nothing wrong in an actor’s attempt to explore various genres and at the same time fill his pockets while at the peak of his powers.

You needn’t applaud him but atleast don’t try to pull someone who is trying.