Pink isn’t merely a film. It’s a strong statement. It is also a proof of the creator’s conviction in his craft. The film deviates itself from commercial trappings that usually hinder Hindi Cinema to dare the audience. Pink is a difficult film to digest. But the narration is relentless and forces you to put yourself on the victim’s shoes.

The opening act of Pink belongs to Taapsee Paanu. She surprises with an astounding performance which captures the fear, helplessness, anguish and the inherent strength of a woman being victimized.  After a brief sparkle in Baby she re-invents herself as an actress in Pink.

The second act of Pink belongs to  Kirti Kulhari  and Andrea Tariang who are at their best when forced to break down before the law. In more ways than this follow up is of utmost importance. It forces us to re-evaluate our perceptions towards the actual victim. It also shows us how vulnerable we can be when forced to take a stand before the law.

 The final and most important act of the film belongs to Amitabh  Bachchan and his famous baritone. Without his famous voice this would have been just another critically acclaimed film lost in the film libraries. But his presence elevates the film and gives it a whole new dimension. The stalwart underplays letting the girls hog the limelight. His experience shows as he battles own demons while fighting for the girls. The trick lies in knowing when to voice out and highlight the star performer hidden within. He stays in the background for most of the film making the audience wait and yearn for that moment of magic which happens right at the end when he begins the No means No closing statement and he makes a lasting final impression. He makes the final moments his own with a flawless finale.

 A big thumbs up to  Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury, Ritesh Shah, Rashmi Sharma Shoojit Sircar and team for taking a diversion from the commercial route and giving us a film which we needed. Pink never shies away from baring it all. It questions the misogyny still spread like an epidemic in our flawed system. It questions our moral convictions.

How easy is it to label a woman? We give her an identity based on our own perceptions. Pink is a film which has it’s heart in the right place. Hopefully someday reality too might mirror the actual verdict of the film. But we still have a very long way to go. But I wish, I hope and I believe a better tomorrow awaits the women suffering in silence.

My verdict – A perfect 5/5 for the intent and stellar performances by the lead cast. Go watch it on the big screen.