A pause and a greeting which constituted just two words “ Hi Salesh”. I have been trying to understand the essence of those words ever since that splendid open mic session. Of course almost everyone greets with a customary hi but I have never seen a host pause in the middle of a speech just to greet a member of the audience.  We often mourn the lack of empathy but small meaningful gestures like this do remind us that empathy does exist if we look for it in the right places.

The pause itself has a deeper meaning.  Sometimes a small meaningful pause can make a whole lot of difference.  All of us are in a rush. Perhaps society has deceived us so much with it’s stringent set of norms. We are forced to be a part of the herd without even understanding what we want. There’s something called self analysis and reflection which never happens for most of us until it is too late.

And then there’s another section of the crowd who are so full of themselves.  Ok you are so far ahead than the rest of us but why not pause for a moment and lend a hand to someone who needs it.  Of course there’s a need to be individualistic and selfish but a small diversion to lift someone up can make a lasting impression. And being benevolent doesn’t mean you are naive it just implies that you love to give.

I have been addressed in so many ways “Inspiration, A fighter, A giver but I consider myself a garbage with no clear cut goal or plans. I have come thus far only because people were benevolent enough to pick me up and mould me into what I could be. They embraced me with open arms and paused for me when I needed a hand

 A hero can be anyone. Even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat around a young boy’s shoulders to let him know that the world hadn’t ended.

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