Malayalam Cinema Industry – Perhaps the only industry which has consistently placed it’s faith on content driven films. After a brief lull Malayalam Cinema re-discovered itself through the new generation directors.  Simple themes with special emphasis on surroundings became the norm. JACOBINTE is one such film. It’s the journey of Jacob and his family as fate tests them with an unexpected obstacle.

Nivin Pauly once again scores with a sensible understated performance. He plays second fiddle without too much fuss.  Nivin ‘s success so far lies in how effectively he fits into the director’s narrative even if it means being overshadowed for a major portion of the film. Om Shanti Oshana , Milli and Banglore days are very good examples of the same.

Renji Panikar takes centre stage in the first half of the film as the inspiring dad. But he isn’t invincible. He is vulnerable which makes the character very real and endearing.  The second half begins and Vineeth deceives you once again. The passing of the baton isn’t direct and straightforward.  A towering presence disappears; the hero is struggling as we wonder how the story will move forward.

It’s the mother who takes up the responsibility of motivating the protagonist.   Lakshmi Ramakrishnan  gives a compelling performance as the mother. The shifting of responsibility from father to son is gradual which makes us relate to the struggles of the protagonist. The elevation at the end is a lot more sensible and leaves a lasting impression in the viewer’s mind.

The emotional bonding within the entire family is conveyed with a lot of depth as each of the characters go through their own ups and downs. Another major plus is the portrayal of Dubai as the land of dreams.

Vineeth Srinivasan and Nivin Pauly once again join hands to entice the viewers with an uplifting film.

My Verdict : One of the best films of the year. Do watch it on DVD if you didn’t get a chance to watch it in Theatres.

My Rating 4/5