What a movie! Telugu cinema has sheltered itself within the pre- set commercial formula for a very long time. The prevailing star system has made it virtually impossible for the creators to experiment.

But every year there comes a film which reminds the creators that it is not too difficult to move out of the comfort zone and engage the audience with compelling story telling.  

On the surface Pellichoopulu is a rom com. But the difference lies in how it explores role reversal. The underlying message is so effortlessly conveyed that you barely notice the shift. The character arc remains constant throughout the entire narration which is a huge plus.          

 Of course influence of Chef is visible at places but the essence isn’t tampered too much. You are hooked from start to finish. Even the smaller characters do a fantastic job and the music blends seamlessly with the proceedings.   Kudos  Tharun Bhascker and the entire team  

An engaging and delicious rom-com and highly recommended for the non telugu audience.  

            My rating 4/5.                                                    

Do yourself a favour. Watch it on the big screen before it is removed from the theaters.

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