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I did not think that I could write,
 About some feelings I cannot express.
Many many days, I tried to tell you,
All my love, that was right there.
I pen down today, with tears,
I realize it’s too late.
You could have been here,
To see your grand children grow;
To see your wife’s pride,
To see how pampered mom is now.
When you were right next to us,
We feared to even speak.
Today we yearn “If only he was here”!
We console ourselves all the time,
There is no point regretting.
That you should rest in peace,
And make heaven “Heavenly”.
After years, we still hear you,
In our thoughts; in our laughs.
Every time mom says, “You are just like him”.
You live in us every day,
With a brave heart, we will miss you always.