How enticing can a train journey be? Almost all of us have been there.  Our eyes decode a thousand images day in and day out as the train moves forward. More often than not we decode those images according to our perception. What if a particular image becomes an irresistible obsession? You look forward to seeing the same image every single day to decode it in a thousand different ways.


Is it really an obsession or is it the only shot at redemption? Paula Hawkins deftly uses the eyes of a washed up protagonist to give us a gripping insight into the power of perception. She unravels the events one after by the other by luring us into the mind of the protagonist.  

And there’s the power of deception. When you train yourself to think in a certain way you fail to see with the mind’s eye. You deceive yourself to the point of no return. You convince yourself that you are a failure.

Paula Hawkins weaves a interesting web of love, lies, deceit and betrayal which keeps the reader glued till the very end. It’s about her – THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN. But it’s also about us. It’s our journey too – The same journey which tires our mind every day. Is there hope? Or are we doomed to the point of no return? Pick up the book to find out.

If you are into thrillers this is a must read.

My rating – 4/5

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