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I was fuming when I left the cinema hall. I am still fuming. Kabali – Very rarely does a Rajini film leave me crestfallen. Kabali just did the impossible.  Ranjith as a film maker fails big time. Neither does he stay true to his own sensibilities nor does he cater to the actor’s fan base and the end product is an absolute rubbish where you end up getting a film which is neither here nor there.

Perhaps it’s the lethargy of getting Rajini on board. It seems like the director forgot that there had to be a script to make the film work. I do agree that Rajini is the centre piece but what was the need for endless number of characters who serve no purpose. The film just made me bang my head in desperation. Was it even necessary to have the whole of Ranjith’s team on board ? Why couldn’t he choose the cast based on the script’s requirement.

Ranjith’s earlier works had a certain depth which made the Superstar choose him. But here he mounts Rajini on a shallow vehicle. Rajini gives it his all only to be let down by Ranjith’s  over indulgence. In his urge to showcase Rajini the actor he misses out on creating a perfect blend which would have made the story appealing to the masses.

The inexperience shows in every frame. What would happen when you hand over the reins of a star vehicle to a relative newbie. He is left with muddled choices. The entire movie seems to be a lesson on how not to make a movie with Rajini. He  suffers from the same predicament as chimbudevan in Puli.

The casting choices are weird. More often than not the strength of the protagonist is revealed only when he is pitted against a worthy opponent. But here they all remain mere caricatures who mouth over the top dialogues.

Ranjith did you actually intend to convey the anguish of the oppressed. If that is the case. Just reflect whether you did it right and whether you had the right cast at your disposal to do it the right way.

Of course there are few good factors in the film but those are very negligible. How difficult is it to write a story which would cater to the actor and the star who lies dormant within the SUPERSTAR. Where is the essence that made him a Super Star?

How long do we keep on exploiting brand Rajinikanth. The swag is still there. But the age shows on screen despite the greasepaint. Let him age gracefully while we re-watch his classics and whistle while he appears on the small screen.

To have an actor like Rajinikanth on board and not tap his potential is a grave error. Superstar is someone who is known for his good script sense. He is someone who can gauge what works and what doesn’t but of late the choices have been very weird and perplexing.  Are the people around him stretching him a little too much?   

Enthiran 2 doesn’t excite me that much. So I guess it’s time to say goodbye. As a hardcore fan it has been a long and entertaining journey from Raja Chinna Roja till date. You are a legend and an eternal part of my life. 

The disappointment of having watched one of the worst Rajini movie ever will linger on for days. It’s something hard to digest.

My Rating – 1/5.

Skip it.







  1. Tough luck. It’s sad to see this review for a pa. Ranjith movie. As you said, it should be the lethargy of having got the dates of Super Star.

  2. deep

    It was over hyped & raised very high expectations. There appears to be no content to support this. Which leads to the inexperienced handling by the wielder of the megaphone.
    #with due respects to the superstar !

    • Amen to that. When you have star like Rajini on board. It’s a boon. The director wasted a golden chance. Thanks for Reading.

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