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Let me start from the very beginning. No I am not quoting the Genesis. It’s my own spiritual journey. As a kid I always equated spirituality with religion. You barely learn how to seek. Yet you are forced to shape your beliefs based someone’s choice. Religion is almost pushed into your life until you accept it. You submit yourself to the world of illusions.

And then comes the teens. I realized something. Religion in no way defines spirituality in absolute terms. There’s a struggle to break free. But something held me back the fear of being an outcast. What if I am shunned by my loved ones? Is it even worth the risk? I choose not to seek yet again.

The period of loss -How do you deal with a loss of a loved one ? I distanced myself from the world around me. Spirituality made no sense to me. It was a natural reaction. Why did this happen and how am I supposed to cope with it?  A mind plagued with too many questions and there were no precise answers.

Writing happened and the maze which had been troubling me all along suddenly seemed crystal clear. Spirituality is seeking your own self.   The answers always lie within. I always thought that I failed by not comprehending my own spiritual self.  But that was not the case.  Every step in the journey of life is a attempt at re-defining spirituality until you reach a stage of self realization and contentment. All of us reach the stage at different points in our lives. And  for some of us it’s a never ending quest. That’s what makes the journey unique. 

This write up is for the contest hosted by CBC for Mr. Shashidar Sharma’s book launch @ Odyssey, Adyar on 24th of July at 6.30 PM.

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