The Chennai Floods – 6 Months have just flown away in the blink of an eye.  Lives were lost, the homes became mere buildings.  Our lives are back to normal as we seek comfort in our mediocre existence. But the scars still remain.

In a strange way the Chennai Floods surprised us. It showed us how each of us can make a difference. All is not lost. If we can just show the same solidarity towards embracing nature the bad memories of the floods can be washed away. How would you feel if you re-connect with a long lost friend or a loved one? Embracing nature will give you the same warmth. Nature will hug you with tears of joy.  

In those three days we forgot our differences. We didn’t need identities. The roadside vendor, the next door neighbour and the high class businessman were all facing the same situation.   All we wanted to do was help each other out. Why not make this trait a permanent impression. How difficult is it to reprise the role of good Samaritan day in and day out?

  The amalgamation of clouds in the sky brings back haunting memories. It triggers the fear which lies dormant within each of us. Have we really learnt our lesson?  Have we really learnt to embrace each other despite the differences in caste, creed colour and religion?  Or do we need another flood to seek the hero who lies dormant within us?

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