I never imagined a restart. Not in my wildest dreams. I had already given up. But then as always the Almighty had other plans. It is just magical how God writes your most beautiful scripts from the weirdest of situations. Sometimes it’s good to let the higher power take control.

Of course she’s flawed but who isn’t. That’s what makes us human beings. Even I am not perfect. She’s imperfectly perfect. I do know we are poles apart. I am the average guy while she excels at everything she does. I do know I hardly stand a chance. Who cares.. 

She’s given me something to look forward to day in and day out. Most people find her a bit too haughty. Oh yes she’s a show off alright. But I find her flaws fascinating. I usually go in for people who are deep, rooted and have their senses in place but this time it’s different.

Sometimes it’s good to let your heart overrule your brain. It can serve as an inspiration. Who knows it might even serve as a sign of things to come.Not everything can be decided rationally. I don’t care even if it leads to a dead end. I am just gonna give it a shot.