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I have been blogging for 4 years now. Four long years.  I blogged without a pattern or a vision. The posts were random and I didn’t care about the numbers either. The numbers didn’t make sense to me until I met the face behind the Philosopher’s stone.

I still vividly remember my first glimpse of the Philosopher’s stone. It was during my first and only A-Z campaign a couple years ago. I bumped into it in my quest for personal stories. Stories which would act as a trigger point for my campaign. I finished the campaign with ease. Mission accomplished and it was goodbye to Philosopher’s Stone. Of course I did come back whenever I needed a reference point to write personal stories or whenever I had to move away from my everyday routine. But I wasn’t a regular follower.

Cut to 2016 and there’s an announcement for a Blog Chatter session in Chennai. I must admit it didn’t interest me at first but my bestie was persistent. You can never say no when it’s Gayatri Aptekar. So I signed up with reluctance. Even if the session didn’t work out for me atleast I would get to meet the person who transformed Philospher’s stone into what it is today.

1oth July 2016 – OMG I just handed the reins of a lazy Sunday Morning to someone else. I cursed myself until I reached the specified location. Where exactly is Karya Space ?  The urge to turn back gets stronger and stronger  But I guess the session was destined for me. I move up the building and we greet each other. So this is the ever vibrant Richa Singh

” Maybe I will sit for an hour and leave citing prior commitments”. I say to myself as the session begins. But what happened thereafter startled me. I was hooked within the first 10 minutes. And I was in a trance for the next four hours. I have been addressed by speakers and eminent personalities before. But no one has ever shaken my ideals like she did. I realized what I have been missing despite blogging for 4 years. She spoke in a language which resonated with me. Every action point put forth was feasible and actionable. It is not everyday you come across a person who can translate their vision into words that can be understood.  Richa did that with admirable ease in those four hours. I was glad that I attended the session.

Forget having an organized blogging schedule I have never been an organized person before. Schedules were alien to me. For the very first time in my life there is a conscious effort to be organized, to blog with a definite pattern and I do know it will pay off in the long run.

These were my exact words to my bestie after the session ended ” Richa is a rare being. I wish there were enough clones like her, personalities who could transform people’s life with their passion and vision”.

Best wishes for all your future endeavours.










  1. It is a pleasant feeling to be transformed into someone better, someone more productive. The appreciation should extent to you too for keeping your mind open for a change. Keep up the tempo.

  2. I totally echo your sentiments Salesh! Richa is a rare driving force with that amazing zeal and belief in her thoughts. The capacity to transform dreams into something tangible is her speciality! I am glad to have come across this wonderful person and have her as a good friend. All the best to writeandwatch 🙂

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