Is it possible for the same book to evoke two extreme reactions? It happened to me with Now and Forever. I picked up this book for two reasons – The Author’s experience in handling the romance genre and the eternal charm that every love story brings to our daily lives.

My policy is if you feel helpless, you ought to be a source of help to someone else who is helpless”.  This line to me is the essence of the book. The book is a journey of redemption. Two  souls re-ignite their lost passion while helping each other out. The events are deftly sequenced to lure the reader in and make them believe in the old saying “Everything happens for a reason.

There are certain portions of the book which will drown you with love. As a reader those portions leave you yearning for more. And then there are portions which deviate to offer you the mundane. But here too the author succeeds by dressing the cliché sequences with some amazing wordplay yet the language is simple and easy to grasp

For me the book was a tale of two halves. While the love angle and the family bonding left a lasting impression. The other portions of Now and Forever left me in a fix. The intent is very clear to make you feel good without making you think too much and that’s where Meera Shivashankar scores.

Pick up this book if you love the romance genre or if you want to read something light and breezy to make you feel good. Of course we all love to dance in the rain. But sometimes a slight drizzle is just enough to make you feel happy.

Best Wishes for the next book.

My Rating – 3/5

 Link to buy the book. NOW AND FOREVER

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