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There was a time in my life when every small achievement was a celebration. But ever since Dad left us there has been a void. June 23rd became just another day. Life froze after his farewell. But how long do I mourn the loss?

This year was surprisingly different. I had a definite reason to cherish the big day. The dream of seeing my name in print had finally come true. I was all set for a celebration with my friends from CBC but fate decided to yet again. My phone went dead. Having been a Nokia fanatic from the time I had my first phone the loss did drain me out.

After a brief pause I switch to a spare which I had discarded long bank and the first message that adorned my inbox was “I wanted to call you today but got held up with work“. I dismiss it as yet another excuse but I am someone who thrives on the NO DEMANDS NO EXPECTATIONS principle so the message didn’t bother me much.

The very same evening the phone rings and I hear the distinct voice for the very first time.” Hi Salesh it’s me “. I pinch myself in disbelief.  Is it a real event or am I dreaming ? Despite having known each other for a long time this was the first time we had actually conversed on the phone. In a world filled with fake promises and masks here was someone who had taken out from a very busy schedule to make me feel special.

Perhaps my mobile drained itself out for a reason. The small gesture was my best birthday gift for it gave me a few lessons to cherish. At times you need friends who can give a sense of peace despite the hurdles surrounding your day to day life.  The luxuries which surround our day to day life will one day mean nothing. When your time is up all that matters is the number of lives you have touched. You don’t need to do something big to make a difference even small everyday gestures will make a definite impact.                                                                                        






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  1. Such a beautiful way of looking at life and blessing thrown. Congrats for the book once again:)

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