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It’s been a while. A very long break from the inspiration series. Nandhitha in more ways than one is the right choice for a re-start. A travel back in time to Ganga Bharani’s book reading session yet again. Our first meeting starts off with a small introductory note. First meets do not always reveal too much.

But every single day after that first meet has been a pleasant surprise. It is not very often that you come across a person who can hide profound thoughts beneath a warm genuine smile. When she does speak her mind through her words the reader is enticed into a world of reflection

At times I wonder how she does it. Not everyone can break down complex thoughts into simple words. It’s a rare skill. There will be some take away for everyone who reads.

I am a very huge fan of her re-assuring smile. It has made my day more than once. Her sensibilities and her age are an epic mismatch  I pause to think where I was at the exact same point in my life. I was just a wandering soul struck in the middle of nowhere.

And trust me it takes a lot of courage to encourage a nobody like me. She’s done that constantly over the past few months reminding me constantly of my uniqueness. It just lifts me up for the entire day.

She’s my favorite heroine too. Don’t get me wrong. We don’t step into each other’s personal space so when I wrote the hashtag series. I had absolutely no reference point except how I viewed her from my mind’s eye. I relished each word that I wrote and finished the entire character sketch in a single afternoon. The series is yet to see the light of the day. But someday hopefully in the form of a book.

She’s good at chopping words too. People who have worked with her have only words of praise for her editorial skills. When it is your chance to stand at the podium. I hope to be among the audience clapping for you like a mad fan. It’s been an honour knowing you. Best wishes.

PS: I would love to be the person to pen your life when the time is right.











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  1. I am sure you will do justice in writing about her. I have immense respect for such people. Btw, congrats for the book Chennai Flood and your debut, Mr author:)

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