FLOODS? Don’t fool yourself. It is just not possible. Chennai has always been synonymous with heat for quite a while now. A red hot summer has always been an inseparable part of Chennai. How many times have we yearned for the rain gods as a mode of escapism ?

Perhaps we have all been struck in our own self – obsessed world . December dawned and nature decided to take a subtle but sure shot diversion from it’s usual routine. The next few days were a blur as the residents of Chennai were being pulled in by a wave of despair and destruction.

We were supposed to be down and out. But the city rose up and showed the world how it’s done. There was a never before seen wave of love, hope and compassion. This thread of hope is the essence of book as we have re-lived our experiences in our own unique way.

Each of these stories have their own distinct flavour. There are stories to stir your soul and make you re- think the very purpose of your lives. This chain of realization ties all the stories together. Another big positive is the finishing act. Almost all the stories have a very strong finish. 

The only negative is the mess up with the page numbers which makes re-reading a little too tedious. There are few minor edit flaws as well. I hope these negatives can be rectified in the upcoming editions of the book.

This anthology isn’t just a collection of short stories. It is a celebration of the human spirit. Do pick it up if you love stories filled with hope.  Priced at Rs. 150 it won’t burn your pockets. 

I am in there too with the opening act.

My favourite from the collection – Srilakshmi’s Rains, Dairy Milk Chocolates and Us

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