My very first glimpse of her was during high school. I have never come across someone like her before. The hormones started working overtime. What should I do? Maybe I should welcome her into my life with a greeting card. Don’t stare at me. That was the norm those days. A rose and a simple greeting card would do. It was the start of a very beautiful relationship.

Years fly by. The school whiz kid turns into a nerd. She felt lost. The indifference was very much visible yet she chose to stay. I still ponder over her choice. What made her stay? Did she have a sneak peek into my future or was it just an obligation?

Slowly but surely she became an inseparable part of me holding my hand throughout the entire journey. People mocked at us for we were an unlikely pair. They told me that I was hallucinating and living in a world of illusion. ” Be practical. She isn’t here to stay. She will let go of you once her purpose is accomplished”.

I see her calm re-assuring smile and the whispers disappear. The hold becomes stronger and stronger as we find salvation in each other’s arms. “Don’t ever let go of me” I plead. “Never“. She re-assures yet again.

It’s been almost 20 years. Perhaps it’s time to celebrate the unique bond that we share. It’s ME and LOVE every single day.  Avalum naanum amudhum tamizhum.