The Chennai Book Fair – An irresistible annual book feast for someone like me.  I have been a regular visitor for the past 5 year. It’s an Annual Book Fair organized in Chennai by the Book Sellers and Publishers Association of South India ( BAPASI ). The Chennai Book Fair is the Second Largest Book Fair in the country with a collection of over 700 titles. There can be no better sight for a book lover than seeing all your favorite titles in one place.

Every year it has been the same routine walking from stall to stall hunting for rare classics. The sweat doesn’t matter. It’s one of those days when the other senses are almost invisible as the two pair eyes go into auto search mode looking for rare titles hidden among the pile of books. As you start adding to your collection you almost prepare yourself for the inevitable – An angry stare from Mom. I can read her mind What about the unread pile of books at home ?”. My eyes plead and she lets me have my way for one day. It’s just one of those days when nothing else matters.

If you feel tired while hunting for books no worries. There’s an assortment of food and delicacies to satisfy the foodie in you. It’s much cheaper than your regular eat outs.



This year was different. The regular book – scan routine wasn’t there as my legs started going into over drive mode and came to a stop at Stall 442.  Our book – AFTER THE FLOODS – A joint effort by the Bloggers of the Chennai Bloggers club.  My first published work. There was a sense of pride and fulfillment for getting an Anthology is no mean feat. A big fat thank you to all the wonderful souls of the bloggers club who made it possible. 



As if that wasn’t enough getting my copy signed by Neeya Naana Gopinath Sir and Manushyaputhiran Sir was a perfect icing on the cake. No I don’t endorse their ideologies but if such lives are inspiring if you can actually understand their journey.  If seeing someone in a wheelchair talk energetically about books doesn’t motivate you. I don’t know what will.

If you are a book lover this Annual book Fair is highly recommended. If you aren’t into books a book fair is the perfect way to start your reading journey. It will help you travel to places you have never seen before. Your own imaginary world filled with happiness. .

PS : The only minus point – Lack of Parking Space.