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There were a lot of queries as to who Bragadeesh is ever since I highlighted his book cover on my wall. My honest answer – ” I don’t know”. But I will try to pen down what he means to me. I fell in love with his persona the very first I met him at Ganga Bharani’s book launch. I have heard stories of enigmatic personalities before but Prasanna was living proof of the same. I always get the feeling that there’s more to him than what he reveals. It’s a good trait though. In this day and age where people conveniently wear masks to sprint their way to the top it was refreshing to see someone stay true to himself even if it meant staying aloof.

And then came the Inspiration post. I read with a smile on my face. It reminded me of someone I knew.  The post revealed an unknown facet of Bragadeesh.  The transformation was fascinating. I still re-read that post whenever I life tests me.

We have met a few times since the book reading session. But I had absolutely no idea that he would have pivotal role to play helping me be a part of the CBC anthology.  In more ways than one I am a very reluctant writer and I don’t write more than 2 or 3 paragraphs for a single topic. But there was a small but persistent nudge from Prasanna which left me with absolutely no choice but to move out of my comfort zone. And suddenly I transformed into that little kid preparing for the examinations at the last minutes. I wrote for 2 hours at a stretch until my fingers could no longer move.

I guess he would have encouraged everyone else the same way but to me it was a very important gesture. A gesture which meant I could finally see my name on a book. My first step towards a bigger dream.

I owe a big fat thank you to both Bragadeesh and Raji. But Raji’s part is a separate story. Two wonderful souls I will always remember with a tinge of gratitude no matter how much further life takes me. But for now good luck BP. Best wishes for the journey ahead. I LOVE YOU MAN.