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I don’t remember the last time I walked out of the theatre shell shocked. It isn’t just a movie. It is an extraordinary social commentary by a first time film maker. Vijay Kumar gifts us one of the modern day cult classics. The plot – Caste Politics

The whole trick in the entire film is the timing. The film is barely 1 and half hours and he makes every second of those 1 and half hours worth it. There are directors who outsmart the audience. But Vijay Kumar makes his intent very clear from the very first scene. He reveals everything yet your eyelids never move. 

Even the hints are very subtle with random daily conversations engaging us in scene after scene. There is no gore or hardcore violence except towards the final few moments. In hindsight the director prepares us for one big final slap and when it lands you are left speechless.

The fact that Vijay kumar does this with an entire set of newcomers makes it an extraordinary feat. It shows the man’s trust in his craft. I don’t want to single out any particular cast member for praise for it’s a wholesome team effort. There are minor flaws but I chose to ignore them just for the intent and the execution.

There are people who rant that Tamil cinema has lost it’s charm including yours truly. But the director answers all with an absolutely gritty film. My faith in Tamil Cinema is restored. Maybe there are still filmmakers out there in Kollywood who pursue film-making with passion. Uriyadi is a moving ode to all of them. 

Vijay Kumar – Welcome to Tamil Cinema. We needed you just to remind us how awesome the final output can be when you pursue your passion relentlessly.

My humble request – This is one film which you have got to watch on the big screen.

My Rating – A perfect 5/5

PS: There’s a particular scene in BharatiRaja’s Vedam Pudhidhu. A young boy queries Sathyaraj what is your name ? My name is Balu Thevar comes the reply.  Balu is your name. Is Thevar your educational qualification ? Sathyaraj gazes at the boy lost for words. The boy speaks up yet again  I have reached the shore. When will you? Perhaps it’s a question for all of us to ponder “When will we” 








  1. creatikaa

    I guessed the same after seeing the trailer. I ‘ll watch it soon. Nicely reviewed.

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