There are times when I wish there was a rewind button to set things right. How cruel life can be. It gives you everything and takes it all away in one split second. It was a friendship I cherished while it lasted. A friendship which gave me so much. Unfortunately fate didn’t give me the time that I needed to reciprocate.

It was an honest mistake. Perhaps it was wishful thinking on my part for nothing lasts forever. A simple gesture which went horribly wrong. I wish I could tell the concerned person that my entire being is filled with remorse and regret. 

Every single day is filled with a guilt trip to hell for having wronged a lovely soul. I wish I could just let go but you don’t let go without a proper closure.  I stare into blank space and search for that familiar re-assuring smile.

I never hate people but I hate myself for this one split. Perhaps my friend is out there rooting for me as I yearn for the return of lost soul.