I can almost hear my readers saying “WHY REVIEW THIS MOVIE?”.  The movie starts out pretty well with a humorous view of the IT Sector. But after that it fizzles out into a reel life imitation of Simbhu’s real life. It is almost as if Simbhu pleaded Nayan for atleast a reel marriage. I agree you like Nayanthara. We all do but marrying the same girl thrice is a tad too much. Perhaps that’s why the film took three years to release. Three marriages in 3 years I guess

Now don’t hit me with a brick for revealing the story. The movie actually resembles a worn out film reel which should have never seen the light of the day. And what the hell happened to the fit and agile Simbhu. There’s a forced song in the narrative in which Simbhu’s gigantic body occupies the whole frame. I know you haven’t had a proper movie release in years. But is that a reason to lose focus. Andrea still doesn’t know how to act.

The one huge positive for the whole movie is Soori who seems to be having a ball despite being in the wrong movie at the right time. His digs at Simbhu’s real life are absolutely hilarious. But you can watch those jokes on TV.

The whole second half pans out like a post engagement telephone conversation.  I don’t know if their ears went deaf but I literally felt like banging my head on the wall.

The End.

Oh wait I forgot to reveal the verdict for the movie – Simbhu marries Nayathara. I guess you would have already guessed it through the trailers.  Do you really want to watch how your guess materialized on screen. Watch it at your own risk. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn