A new phenomenon swept World Wide Web just when I crossed the turbulent teenage years.  The design was very familiar to our school slam book and  Orkut became a familiar pastime for all those who were in the early 20’s.  For a brief while Orkut flattered to deceive. When a new phenomenon spreads like an epidemic there is always scope for improvement.

The Facebook era began with a flourish.  There is a wonderful lesson we can all learn from facebook’s evolution. Facebook has retained it’s own unique identity despite the emergence of several new interactive platforms. Of course Fb has shamelessly imitated it’s competitors at times but still the relevance of FB has not diminished.

Facebook can serve as a productive platform if you can learn to use it wisely. Facebook has shrunk the world in such a way that you can get it touch with your long lost friend through a common connection point, it can serve as a business tool if you can learn how market your business as a unique brand.

On the flip side Facebook conveniently masks itself as an interactive platform that we often end up forgetting the major flaw of using FB. It is quite possibly the largest open storehouse of information which can be misused despite the numerous privacy settings. Even yours truly is at fault. Don’t shout to the world and show only what needs to be seen

My personal tryst with FB began when I landed in my first job. I am a very hesitant person and facebook has allowed me to communicate without breaking the walls that I have built within. It has helped revive the lost passion of writing. It has helped me get in touch with all my school mates except one, Hopefully the never ending quest for that elusive person too finds it’s closure via FB.

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