What a Sunday it was! The moment I heard that there was going to be a CHENNAI BLOGGERS meet focusing on Domestic Abuse with Sujata Rajpal as the guest of honour I knew I had to be present at the event. Fortunately there was no shoulda, woulda, coulda hiccup at the last moment as I made it to the event.

Sujata M’am was graceful enough to give us a bird’s eye view of her journey as an author as the spotlight slowly fell on the topic of domestic abuse both physical and emotional. Sometimes a discussion is uncovering the missing piece of the puzzle. Every new point gives  us something to reflect upon. That’s how the whole discussion was.

One thing which surprised me was the lack of proper forums to shed light on how to deal with abuse despite having so many organizations which campaign for human rights. That was my key takeaway from the discussion. Perhaps this event might pave the way for one such initiative.

There were so many questions put forth. My pick from the lot was our CBC Author Kavipriya’s question. “Why is there so much emphasis on people who struggle while writing”. I hope I interpreted her question right.

Sharada thank you for being a graceful host. I still believe you can be a towering presence in the media if you want to.

Sujata M’am thank you for valuable insights on writing and domestic abuse. Looking forward to reading Leela’s  journey. 

And last but not least a big fat thank you to all the wonderful souls within and outside CBC who made this event a success.