There is a reason why love stories continue to work despite being filled with cliche narrative styles and the same old situations. Every love story is filled with a tiny thread of hope and nostalgia. You either travel back to the sweet memories of the past or you just feel good about how the writer’s thoughts mirror your present bliss.

Are you Magic Am I trick seamlessly mixes both fantasy and realism and makes it work. The plot – An author’s protagonist comes to life. You have to pick the book to find out what happens next.

The author devotes the first few pages to put forth a few impressions from her own life. But the story gains momentum once she shifts into story – telling mode. There are quite a few stand outs in the book. The good and evil connotations within the same person, the insecurities that creep in within a person towards a relationship as age catches up with him/her are all very well narrated. Another thing which impressed me is the author’s belief that life is an unscripted surprise. She holds on to that thought right till the very end.

The major turn off was the male protagonist’s flash back. A story within a story does not gel well with the narrative. There a few edit mistakes which can be corrected in the next edition.  There are a few cliche situations but that is an integral part of attempting something within the romantic genre.

A very good first attempt. Definitely pick it up if you are a fan of the romance genre.

All the best Arpita. Hopefully more experimentation and genre hopping in your future books.

My Rating: 3/5