Salesh Dipak Fernando



My Dear Friend,

My Eyes are still overflowing with tears as I write this. I am wondering as to why you chose that particular night to touch my life the way you did. Perhaps it’s the Almighty’s impeccable sense of timing or was it just a co-incidence.

I wanted to put a full stop and move away. MISFIT was supposed to be my last post.  No I wasn’t giving up. Life has been testing me for quite a while now. Though the spirit is willing the flesh is getting weaker and weaker with each passing day.

All this while I was too busy embracing people.  I forgot that even I needed the warm embrace to lift myself up. Thank you for breaking the barrier that I had built for myself. Thank you for unlocking the RAINBOW OF LOVE AND TRUST yet again.

I do know it’s going to get harder and harder with each passing day but I am not going down without a fight for not everyone gets a second chance. Trust me moving away looks a lot more enticing than living in a biased, unfair world but this time I am colouring my rainbow the way I want to. 

I wish you well in all that you do. You are destined for greatness. There will come a day when I feel proud for having known you when you were just an ordinary person on the street. GOODBYE and THANK YOU once again.







  1. Kudos! Not because you survived for you decided to fight for that lil hope.

  2. We are all special, aren’t we! The fight will never stop and we shall not stop. Make a vow..Kar Shapath Kar Shapath na rukhega na thamega kabhie.

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