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What a great year it has been for Bollywood! It seems like the Hindi film industry is so determined to re-invent itself in 2016.  Kapoor & Sons plays out like Part 2 of Dhil Dhadakne Do with a bit more drama than is necessary.

Kapoor & Sons does have it’s moments of magic especially when Rishi Kapoor lights up the screen with his adorable grandpa act. His nostalgia over Mandakini deserves a special mention. In fact the whole film serves as an acting lesson for the youngsters by the veteran trio of Rishi Kapoor, Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak. No wonder the movie is named Kapoor & Sons.

The plot – A dysfunctional family with dirty secrets. One thing I liked about the movie is the flawed characterization. There is no black or white only shades of grey. The movie meanders after a promising start to give the audience an Ekta Kapoor drama feel. It feels too heavy after a certain point and falls flat during the climax with no proper conflict resolution

Sidharth Malhotra doesn’t fit the bill as the prodigal son. He tries a little too hard but it doesn’t work. Fawad Khan on the other hand proves that there is more to him than just the looks which make women go weak on their knees. Alia Bhatt is the joie de vivre of the film engaging the audience during the film’s lighter moments.

Arjith Singh’s Bolna track stands out from the entire album. Despite it’s flaws Kapoor & Sons is a worthy attempt by Shakun Batra & Team.

Go watch it for the senior Kapoor. He’s just irresistible.

My Rating 3/5












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  1. I fell in love with Rishi Kapoor as a child when I saw Karz, Hum Kisise Kam Nahi, Sagar etc. It is amazing how adorable he can be even at this age! Once a charmer, always a charmer. 🙂
    Veterans are called so for a reason, yes. They’re flawless, even if their characters are flawed.

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