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Vijay Sethupathi – A hero who has achieved stardom by attempting the unconventional at a very early stage of his acting career. Arun Kumar – the director who charmed us all with his adorable Panniyarum Padminiyum. What would happen when the two decide to gift the audience with a routine commercial pot-boiler? It would either result in an epic disaster or enable the hero to establish a connect with the audience in the B and C centres.

Arun Kumar picks up the done to death standard cop template and makes it work. The plot – The no nonsense cop vs the corrupt politician. On paper it’s a cliche which should have been trashed and rejected. But Arun Kumar cleverly let’s Vijay Sethupathi takes centre stage right from his first frame on screen.

Vijay Sethupathi is quite relentless as the fearless cop surprising the audience with his charming screen presence. It was a risky move – a move which could have very easily backfired. Fortunately it works. There’s not a single dull moment in the as the film as the director provides a quite delicious mashup of cliche scenes.

Nivas K Prasanna plays his part to perfection with a wonderful background score. Despite the plus points the success of the film left me with a few questions. Every other mass hero movie has a devious clever villain who meekly surrenders once the hero enters the frame. There is no cat and mouse game, no grit, depth or determination. Why make a mockery of the antagonist just to elevate the hero ?

Despite all the technological advances why do the audience still yearn for a hero who can virtually be a one man army demolition squad. Quite refreshingly this film doesn’t have a heroine who is downright stupid.

All said and done this is a film which can be watched just for the charisma of Vijay Sethupathi.

My Rating – 3/5







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