Dearest Soulmate,

I write to you from the other side. Those sparkling eyes mirror your own.  She is a lovely reminder of  our eternal bond. You gave me what you promised – A journey filled with sweet memories.

When we started our life together I used to wonder what made you choose me. Every single moment that we spent together gave me the answer that I was looking for. Love in it’s purest form needs no rhyme or reason to fill your entire being with hope.

You never let go from the moment we down the aisle. The lovely curve that adorned your lips said it all. We made love in the shadows as you soaked me in the fragrance of  your first touch.

You embraced my imperfections with open arms while the world whispered behind my back. “Just ignore the noise and walk with me.” Those lovely words still ring in my ears like a never ending hymn.

People often ask me if I miss u. I merely laugh at their ignorance. How can you ever miss a person who has never left you. It was your time to answer the Almighty’s call. I have no regrets for you have given me a worthy companion.

Her tiny fingers hold on to mine and I promise my grip will be as firm as yours. There’s a long road ahead and I know you will be there by my side watching my every move. As always I leave a little space for you to complete this letter. Let’s read it together when we meet again.

Your Quirky Companion,