I still remember the events that happened before I hit the friend request button. I was a little skeptical as always before a mutual friend brushed aside my worries. “Go ahead. He’s a genuine soul. You won’t regret”.

It’s been a while since we have known each other and I am glad he’s an inspiring part of my life. There are times when I lose faith in the old school values of the heart. But every time I feel like giving up Mahesh stands tall as a constant reminder.

He gives so much without expecting much in return. A genuine pat on the back for every well written article, words of comfort when life hits you hard, a warm smile to share your success. He showed all of us that giving can be a contagious habit.

I sometimes wonder if he belongs to an alien race. How can someone be so good in this big bad world? But I guess exceptions do happen.

Happy Birthday Mahesh. Keep lighting up our lives with your words of appreciation. We all love you.