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What’s happening to Bollywood ? Three good films in the space of 2 two months. Airlift,  Saala Khadoos and now Neerja. I guess we can mark 2016 as the year when the Hindi film industry woke up from hibernation.

The story of Neerja Bhanot has been highlighted n number of times before so I guess most of us know how it all ends. The big question is – What made her take that choice? She could have easily been the first one to escape leaving all the passengers stranded. But she chose to stay. A difficult choice – A choice which would eventually make a difference to the many lives on board.

Sonam Kapoor graduates from being a mere fashionista to an incredible actress. Neerja could well turn out to be the defining film of Sonam Kapoor’s  otherwise mediocre film career so far. Even in Raanjhana it was Dhanush and Swara Bhaskar who stole the limelight. The Kapoor girl plays her part to perfection. She makes us believe she is Neerja Bhanot. When an actress holds the attention of the audience for the entire running time of the movie you know it is a great performance.

Neerja is a story which definitely needed it’s space on the big screen.  A 23 year being an unsung hero.  A lesson for all those who complain that life is unfair. She gave up her life to save 359 passengers. I repeat – 359. If she could make her short stint on this earth so meaningful then what is stopping you ?

You will leave the movie hall with moist eyes. It is not every day that you come across a hijack movie which restores faith in humanity.

Ram Madhvani – Kudos for giving us a wonderful movie.

My Rating – 4/5






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  1. I will definitely watched Neerja. Read a letter from her Dad today and couldn’t stop crying…brave heart that touched the heart when I didn’t know about her. High time to honor with accurate facts our forgotten but real life (S) Heroes.

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