I picked up P C Balasubramanian’s READY STEADY EXIT because of my fascination for SUPER RAJNIKANTH.  Having successfully decoded Brand Rajni in his earlier book the author gives us his first work of fiction. This made me all the more curious.

Ready Steady Exit offers a tiny glimpse into the world of startups in a very simple language. The book highlights both the ups and downs of a self – funded venture. Despite the heavy premise the tone is light and keeps us hooked. 

Another major plus is how he blends in the integral elements of the region without too much detailing. I saw flashes of Ravi Subramanian’s style of writing minus the thriller elements. This book is welcome diversion from mundane romances and heavy thrillers.

On the downside the business terminologies might be Greek and Latin for readers who have absolutely no knowledge on how a start up works. 

Pick this one up if you are a passionate soul on the lookout for an opportunity to start out on your own. This book might just be a humorous slice of your life.

It is not every day that you come across a book which explicitly lays out the story in the title. You have to read entire narrative to find out what leads to READY, STEADY and EXIT.

My Rating 3/5