It’s been a while since a heroine punched her way into the hearts of the Tamil Audience. Madhi is not your damsel in distress neither is she your righteous woman. She is a flawed rookie waiting to blossom. She doesn’t give a damn about being downright rude. It takes an equally flawed mentor to nurture her talent.

There are a whole bunch of films which opt for the safer route. The one who dares to dream is often portrayed as being morally right in all her choices which is nothing but a big fat lie which has often leads to wrong role models.

Madhi’s character breaks the sugar coated stereotype with ease. The inherent flaws which lie hidden within every individual are very beautifully brought out throughout Madhi’s journey with her mentor. It is this authenticity which makes Madhi endearing and blurs the line between real and reel.

Rithika’s performance is so impressive that she eventually steals the limelight from Madhavan as the film moves forward. Her eyes speak when it matters in a language that hypnotizes the viewers. A flawed protagonist with a consistent character arc is a rarity in Indian Cinema. Madhi is that one rare exception who will rule the hearts of the viewers for a very long time