While the West continues to churn out sports movies every year with similar plot lines movies with sports as a theme are a rarity in the Indian Film Industry.  Saala Khadoos belongs to this rare sports genre.

The movie deceives you with it’s predictability but as you travel with protagonists you realize the movie is not just about boxing alone. It’s about two imperfect people finding solace and comfort in their passion. The plot – A road side rookie transforms into a world champion.

What impressed me most was the character arc of the protagonists. They are rude, they don’t give a damn yet they are fierce and passionate.  It’s a wonderful study of talented individuals with flawed personalities. The character arc remains the same from the first frame till the very end.

R.Madhavan excels as a no nonsense coach. A teacher who gives all he has to ensure his prodigy fulfills her destiny. But the real star of the show is Ritika Singh who steals the limelight as the prodigy. A charming screen presence with a daredevil attitude she makes the film her own with a mature performance.  A new star is born is in the Indian Film Horizon

Santhosh Narayanan‘s music is soulful and pushes the film forward.  Sudha Kongara deserves a pat on the back for choosing a rare theme and making it work despite the predictability. Even the supporting cast delivers and ensures the film doesn’t lag. 

Saala Khadoos – A must watch for all those who believe in destiny and dreams.

My Rating – A perfect 11/10. Yes you saw it right!