make it 2

SHARADA – A lot has been written and re-written about Sharada as a person. I am not sure if I can add anything more.  She’s added so much colour and enthusiasm to my life within a very short span of time.

She often reminds me of Illayaraja’s perfect song. There’s something so magical about a Raja song. It can soothe you, give you hope and fill you with happiness. The genius of Raja is even more obvious when you listen to the same song n number of times. Every time you listen there’s a different feel, flavour and tone to the same song.

Sharada at first glance might come across as another modern day woman with aspirations.  But the more you get to know her you will realize there’s a multi – faceted SUPERSTAR hidden within.  Stand up Comic, RJ and Author and she does a fairly good job in all the three fields. I am not sure many people can do that. Not everybody has the guts to quit a safe regular income job to  follow their passion. She’s done that without regrets

Despite being outrageously talented she’s level headed and speaks from the heart and stands firm in the values  she believes in. She’s my mirror image from the other side. It is very rare to come across people with empathy and honesty. She’s one of them.

Best Wishes for the journey ahead. May the force be with u.