Raj is here once again to entertain us with Dilwale.  The dream man of every girl who grew up watching SRK of the 90’s. Even I harboured a dream to be someone’s Raj until Surinder came along with his Taani Partner.

Raj was merely a mystical dream, a wishlist.  Surinder on the other hand was your average guy next door. the one who slogs day in and day out, the one who secretly yearns for his loved one’s acceptance without knowing how to express his feelings.

He gives it his all with no demands or expectations. As I began to decode Surinder a realization hit me. Not everybody can be a Raj but perhaps there is a Raj hidden within every Surinder struggling with unspoken words searching for the right voice.

Perhaps being Surinder isn’t a bad thing. Raj showed us a glimpse of happily ever in film after film but Surinder showed us the struggles of the guy who hides behind the mask the guy who gives it his all expecting nothing but love in return. 

It takes the right girl to see through the mask and peel it off layer by layer. But finding such love is worth it for then happily ever becomes a permanent impression.  

Never let time fly waiting for your Raj for he might never make an appearance but try to find the Raj hidden within every Surinder