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i am 16

It is not very often that a book has my attention for two full days. I AM 16 I CAN RAPE was like an obsession. I read it again and again to understand the level of impact.  No I am not going to state the obvious. I see way beyond that.

It is a very clever book.  The author bares it all with the title yet the reader is left with no choice but to keep turning the pages again and again. It is like watching a SUPERSTAR in action. A SUPERSTAR who knows his audience. Just when the audience think they have seen it all he stuns them with his final act. I have never been this mesmerized by an Indian Author before.

The author makes the readers look within each of her characters. She makes the readers understand why a character exhibits a certain behaviour. She gives each of her characters unique layers and peels them off one by one for the final reveal. She answers the WHY question with absolute clarity and that’s what makes this book a must read. 

The book reminded me of “THE MAHABHARATA”.  No I am not talking about DRAUPADI here. We all know who the real hero of the story is. It is KRISHNA’s centre stage. The others are playing the role he has assigned for them. 

This book isn’t just about RAPE alone. It is more a study of how different people react to their own environment.  It is a difficult read but an engaging one. Pick this one up if you like thrillers or if you want to understand deeper issues that plague the human mind. 

Kirtida Gautam – Thank you for the book and for renewing my interest in Psychology and my humble apologies for underestimating your potential as an author. But it is something most of us do. We fail to look beyond the surface or to be more appropriate we fail to SEEK. Did I actually apologize or did I leave a clue. Pick the book and find out.

MY RATING – A perfect 5/5









  1. This does look like a fascinating read. RAPE is the one constant in EVERY culture that is a huge problem that is misunderstood and is continually overlooked and dismissed by misogynists and the people in power who are generally men and have no concept of what kind of feelings of being invaded, fear for one’s own life and shame is brought upon by the act of rape perpetrated upon a victim (usually a woman, but it can happen to a man, although much, much more rarely) and so here in supposedly “enlightened” countries, like the United States, you hear the idiots in power speak of such things “legitimate rape” when discussing whether or not a woman has a right to an abortion, should she become pregnant during that act. It is BEYOND stupid and ludicrous. One wonders if these people in high office have EVER talked to an actual rape victim. If they did, they more than likely came away with the idea that she was “asking for it”, another stupid idea that is in the mainstay of right-wing American politics. Although I have not read your book, I will be looking for it; this is something that needs to be talked about on the global stage. It affects everyone; not just women. Thank you!

  2. shanayatales

    Wow. That is quite the review. This book has been on my TBR, but I have a daunting pile of unread books that I have to get through before this one, but I will be sure to pick it up in the next lot. Thanks for sharing, Salesh. 🙂

  3. Thank you Shanaya for the feedback.As always my pleasure

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