had no plans of watching this flick. It lay discarded in the “OTHER MOVIES” folder. I don’t even know why I added this to my collection. Perhaps it was because of the crush I had developed on Sally Hawkins after watching Happy Go Lucky.

It is the 7th of November 2015 and I click play on an impulse and I was hooked. An underrated film where Sally Hawkins once again takes centre stage.  The plot – Ford sewing machinists strike of 1968. The movie highlights the perils of underestimating the women labour force.

A great change is often brought about by a tiny spark. Sally Hawkins is brilliant as the leader. Every time I see Sally Hawkins on screen I wonder why this actress doesn’t get the applause that she deserves. Made in Dageham is another proof of her potential.

It’s a wonderful ensemble with some terrific performances. The biggest surprise though was Rosamund Pike. She has just a couple of scenes. Yet she manages to make a mark.  Perhaps this was just a sneak peek for her enthralling act in Gone Girl

The true impact of this movie can only be understood when you grasp the unfair exploitation of woman in the 1960’s.   Hours of labour would result in a petty income while the men would a happily walk away with higher pay for the same job. The industries paid women less because they were never questioned. But this strike changes all that. 

The dialogues have the necessary punch. Sample this ” From now on we demand a level playing field and rates of pay which reflect the job you do not whether you got a d**k or not.” 

I have often heard men joke that the world will be a better place without women. This movie shows what would happen to men if the women decide to join hands. 

Go for it!

My Rating 5/5