blind_side 2

All of us have that one movie which we must have watched the maximum number of times. For me it is “THE BLIND SIDE“. It was popular alright. In fact it was so popular that when SANDRA BULLOCK took home the OSCAR for best actress the critics dismissed it as a popular choice award.  I strongly disagree

On the surface it does seem like a showy, over the top film about a black kid being welcomed in a white family. But there’s more to the movie than what meets the eye. The movie disturbed me. It showed me that benevolence has a life-changing effect. It’s the first morning after the Tuohy family welcome Big Mike into their house. The initial apprehension is very much evident and beautifully captured in just sentence “IF YOU HEAR SCREAMS CALL THE INSURANCE ADJUSTER”.  

The movie grows on you slowly as each and every member of the family warm up to Micheal Oher. The viewer gets a glimpse of both the sides – the rough neighbourhood and the posh yet juvenile upper class who question the acceptance of Big Mike. It is a deep film yet the message is very subtle. There’s just enough warmth to make it a thoroughly enjoyable family film.

It also answers the question of choice. Though the Tuohy’s give him everything the most important decision of his life is his choice. There are questions to ponder. But choice triumphs over compulsion and the relief  and happiness is very much visible for the viewer.

And then there’s the curious case of Sandra Bullock, an actress who is a powerhouse when it comes to showcasing vulnerability. Yet this precious talent was wasted in one bad film after another. As a fan it irked me. THE BLIND SIDE gave her a new lease of life. The entire film rests on her capable shoulders and she delivers with absolute ease. No over top emotions, no makeup or prosthetic to enhance the performance. She conveys her stubbornness with just her expressions aided by some cleverly written lines.

As the end credits rolled some questions lingered. Why is it so hard to practice benevolence? Why is it so difficult for people to give love? Benevolence can change lives and bring about a lasting impact if it becomes an everyday habit.