The title fooled me. I picked this gem expecting “happily ever after” instead it gave some interesting ” life lessons.” It’s a very brave attempt. More often than not first time authors play it safe opting for the tried and tested. But here was someone who was willing to experiment with his very first book.

Each story is a puzzle with some clever wordplay which transforms the ordinary plots into an extraordinary assortment . Every end leads to a new beginning. Each of the stories are inter-linked in one way or another.

I think this book should come with a statutory warning ” Only for those who can read between the lines” and I mean it as a compliment. The vocabulary stunned me. There’s a lot of depth and promise within this lovely collection. 

The only negative -it might prove a difficult read for those at the beginning of their reading journey. There were quite a few places where the words could have been simplified.

Nevertheless I would recommend “AMONG THE STARS” to readers who are willing to pick up something different.